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Depiction of Rowdy

Rowedahelicon (AKA Rowdy)


Name: Rowedahelicon
Age: 30
DoB: June 12th, 1992
Species: Carbunculus Ferret
Location: New England


Personality Type: INFP-T / 4 Wing 5
Skills: Illustrator, Programmer, Community Manager, Speaker
Interests: Philosophy, Computer Science, Graphic Design, Film, Music, Gaming
Notes: Nocturnal, Partially Colorblind
Identifiers: He/Him, Furry, Pantheistic

Hello there! I'm Rowdy! I'm a digital nomadic nerd who spends most of his time messing about on the internet. I have a wide variety of interests and I enjoy talking with folks about them. You can most often see me playing a game or two with friends, or working on commission work!

Thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet! I use this website to gather my activies and creations together so that any interested parties may see!