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Rowedahelicon "Rowdy" the Crux


Hello, I am everyone's admin.

I am a programmer, illustrator, sys-admin, lead floofball.
While the above are my profession(s), they're also hobbies! My others include playing videogames, arguing about movies / tv, listening to tons of music, and reading up on random stuff.
I run a group on Steam called Southern Cross Gaming.
It is a furry group.
I am a furry, a Crux.
Oh no...

I've been a part of the fandom since I was 15.
I attend conventions, practice artwork, and enjoy contributing to the fandom.

I enjoy meeting and talking to people!
I can be found on Telegram, Twitter, Steam, or my email


Why yes, I am nocturnal. I am usually awake between 2-3 PM Eastern time, and I tend to sleep somewhere around 8-9 AM Eastern time!

I am very interested in astronomy and enjoy learning what I can when I can. I try and reference this in my work, in my art, and in design choices. My keyboard even lights up with little twinkling star keys!

I am red/green colorblind, no it does not affect my art all too much, I have tools and methods to get around it!

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